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                    產品中心PRODUCT CENTER

                    LS-GU Series

                    您現在的位置:首頁 > 產品中心 > LS > LS-GU Series

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                    ■ 產品名稱: GU311

                    24pin, 0.5mm pitch, Hybrid Type(1row SMT + 1row Dip Soldering) Contact
                    Signal Performance :
                    - USB 2.0 : 480Mbps
                    - USB 3.1 : Gen1(5Gbps), Gen2(10Gbps)
                    Support up to 5A for Power Delivery.
                    Reversible plug orientation and cable direction.
                    GU311 series covers the requirements for USB Type-C connector standard.
                    GU311 series is off-set type of USB Type-C connector.

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